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For the second journey on ´Future Romance´ the french DJ and producer duo ´Esoteric Circle´ from Paris are delivering 2 masterpieces of melodic house & techno music. The two brothers bring their emotions together in a new innovative style, focussing on elaborating synth melodies and minimal percussive sounds, full of energy. As remixer for this brilliant release we could win the renowned italian duo ´Hunter/Game´, wellknown for their successful releases on labels like Kompakt, Afterlife or LNOE, just to name a few. Embark on a journey and get lost.


Early DJ support by Adriatique, Sasha, Dubfire, Fur Coat, Anii, Dave Seaman, Markus Kavka, Dirty Doering, Undercatt, Zoo Brazil, Dr. Motte and more...

Esoteric Circle - Glamorama | Resilience (FUR02)

incl. remix by Hunter/Game

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